Welcome to Ouse Valley Land Care Specialists

We Design, Build, and Maintain your outedoor spaces  

We have specialists in all areas of landscape construction and maintenance for your garden and property. From Garden design and construction to Arboricultural services we have everything covered.

Trained by the old hands of the landscaping industry, our team knows that no matter what day it is, landscaping can always throw you a curveball.

One of our favourite analogies of what it means to be a landscaper is: 

A plantsman, A bricky, a chippy, a paver, a tiler, a plumber,

a ground worker, a sparky, a weatherman,

a salesman, a clerical officer, a surveyor.............


Having a natural love for the outdoors from a young age meant that Bryn, the founder of the company knew exactly what he wanted to do when he set off on a career path. After spending countless hours as a child mowing neighbours lawns for pocket money he realised that very few spaces inspire happiness like a garden does.

Whilst working for other companies as an apprentice and gaining experience as an improver Bryn realised that the companies he worked for lacked fundamental customer service values, this is why we always pride ourselves on our teams friendliness and proffessionalism. Instilled with the motto 'Never a problem, always a solution' our teams make sure you are happy from beginning to end of their time working with you on your project no matter what situation you will be in safe hands from start to finish of your project.


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For more information, or to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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